Debt Recovery

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The debt collection procedure starts according to the provisions of a contract and terms between the parties involved and it is usually begun when the deadlines related to a certain payment is overdue. Many businesses find pursuing debt difficult but failing to do so can cause cash-flow problems or worse.

We work closely with each client on the basis of their interests, needs and desires to fulfill their requirements. Our team blends strategic and business experience with legal expertise and focuses on creating realistic approaches for our clients.

Recovering debt in Maldives is straightforward, at least in theory. Our debt recovery team will help you by:

  • Sending your debtors a letter notifying them of the outstanding amount, demanding payment and notifying them that action will be taken if they do not make payment as requested. The majority of debtors pay at this point.
  • If this doesn’t work, we will start legal proceedings with your permission.
  • If the claim is not disputed, we will take all steps to enforce the debt.
  • If the claim is disputed, we will proceed to litigation on your behalf.

At all stages of the process we will keep you informed. If you are having trouble with debtors, we can help.

Apex Law is committed to the highest standards of quality and risk management in all its services, especially when it comes to client care. We are proactive in informing clients of impending legal developments and in assisting them in minimising potential legal risks.

Our team has experience in dealing with a variety of complex issues. Contact us for consultation