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Ahmed Falah


އަޙްމަދު ފަލާޙް


We are pleased to introduce Ahmed Falah, a highly skilled legal professional, to Apex Law LLP. With a Bachelor of Sharia & Law (hons) from the Islamic University of Maldives, and postgraduate studies at Nagoya University where he obtained his Master in Environmental Studies & Law, Ahmed brings a unique and valuable perspective to our firm.

Ahmed’s specialized knowledge in environmental law, combined with his expertise in commercial law, allows him to provide comprehensive legal solutions to clients facing legal issues related to environmental regulations, sustainability, and conservation. His in-depth understanding of the complex and evolving field of environmental law enables him to provide strategic advice and representation to clients, ranging from individuals to corporations, in navigating the legal complexities of environmental issues.

With a keen eye for detail, excellent analytical skills, and a deep commitment to environmental protection, Ahmed is known for his meticulous approach to legal matters. He is dedicated to helping clients comply with environmental laws and regulations, while also advocating for responsible and sustainable practices.

Ahmed Falah’s proficiency in environmental law and commercial law makes him a valuable asset to Apex Law LLP. Contact Ahmed Falah today to experience exceptional legal services tailored to your specific environmental and commercial law needs.