Ibrahim Mahudhee

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Ibrahim Mahudhee

Managing Partner | Attorney

އިބްރާހީމް މަހްދީ


Welcome to Apex Law LLP! We are thrilled to introduce Ibrahim Mahudhee, a highly skilled legal professional who brings a diverse and extensive background to our team. With a Bachelor of Sharia & Law (hons) from the Islamic University of Maldives, as well as postgraduate studies from University of the West of England (Bristol) where he obtained his LLM in Commercial Law with distinction, Mahudhee is a trusted and reputable expert in the field of law.

Mahudhee’s impressive career encompasses a broad range of experiences, including working in the tourism industry and successfully running his own marketing agency. This unique blend of business acumen and legal expertise allows him to provide strategic and holistic solutions to clients across various sectors.

With a keen understanding of the Maldivian legal landscape and international business dynamics, Mahudhee has established a strong track record of advising foreign investors, shipping companies, tour operators, and government agencies. His expertise extends to diverse areas of law, including tourism acquisitions, international finance ventures, and corporate law.

As a legal professional, Ibrahim is known for his meticulous attention to detail, exceptional analytical skills, and ability to provide practical and effective legal advice. He has earned a reputation for delivering client-focused solutions that are tailored to meet their unique needs and objectives.

With his comprehensive legal knowledge and practical experience, Mahudhee is a valuable asset to Apex Law LLP. His dedication to excellence and commitment to providing outstanding legal services make him an ideal choice for clients seeking expert legal counsel.