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New Cargo Vessel Regulation Imposes Strict Rules on Loading and Carriage of Goods at Sea

On 20th February 2023, the government published the Regulation Relating to the Loading and Carriage of Goods for Seagoing Vessels (Regulation No: 2023/R-71) in the Government Gazette. The regulation establishes minimum requirements for loading, unloading, storage, carriage and safety of cargo on ships. The regulation comes into force on 20th May 2023, and applies to […]

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Demurrage Charges in International Shipping Explained

Demurrage is a common term in the shipping industry, and it refers to the charges imposed on shippers or consignees for the delay in returning cargo containers to the shipping line beyond the agreed-upon free days. Demurrage charges can be significant, and it is essential to understand who is responsible for paying them, how they […]

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